" Renewable energies in the multi-family house : use regional renewable energy instead of oil for multi-family residential complexes "

The standard of living in the western civilization wouldn't be possible in this form without energy. We need energy among other things, for the preparation of our food, for body care , for locomotion and  last but not least, to heat our homes.

The present study shows the example of the mountainous region Pinzgau. Its renewable energy sources are not only theoretically but also practically used for multi-family residential complexes. First, the special features and climatic conditions (heating degree days, solar radiation ) of the Pinzgau region are explained precisely. In the following the theoretical available renewable energy sources are analyzed: biomass, hydropower for electricity generation, geothermal, ambient energy, solar energy and wind energy to generate electricity.

The book shows that only three energy sources are suitable for multi-family houses in the Pinzgau and in comparable regions of the theoretically available energy sources.

Amazon - Erneuerbare Energien im Mehrfamilienhaus



" Evaluation and rating of golf courses "

The aim of this investigation is to expand the thin 
publication-density of the evaluation system in terms of a holistic valuation systematic of golf courses.

Holistic here means the application of a selected and justified evaluation method, including a corresponding qualitative assessment of the property in the form of a property rating. In addition, the non-monetary aspect has been incorporated in the form of a qualitative assessment of the golf course in order to ensure a holistic view of the golf property. Therefore it was necessary to develop a suitable rating procedure, specifically for golf courses. This was done by using a corresponding property rating that 
has been divided into four main criteria (market, location, object building, object -golf course) and 49 sub-criteria.

Amazon - Bewertung und Rating von Golfanlagen


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